Has your scrap been evaluated and purchased correctly?
Does it lead to cost reduction of manufacturing?

In Toyo Success, many years of analysis know-how on metal scraps,
We will utilize highly accurate analytical equipment that supports it and buy it at a reasonable price.

Please do not hesitate to request a scrap specialist.

Products – Handleding Items

Copper with noble metal and copper alloy, Copper with gold plating, Copper with silver plating, Palladium attached copper etc.

Product – Nickel with noble metal and nickel alloy

Nickel with gold plating, 42 alloy with silver plating etc.

Product – Copper and copper alloy with noble metal resin

Connectors, jacks, relays, sensors, etc.

Product – Nickel with noble metal resin and nickel alloy

Connectors, jacks, relays, sensors, etc.

Product – Substrate with precious metal

Flexible substrate etc.

Product – Film with precious metal

Gold-plated film, Silvered film etc.

Product – Precious metal scrap

Trophy, ring, dishes etc.

Product – Others

Phosphor bronze, beryllium copper, nickel silver, copper nickel, Pure nickel, Permalloy, iron nickel alloy, Kovar, Corrosion resistant and heat resistant materials etc.