We are not only the supply of metal materials, but also selection of various processing methods such as plating and pressing, process control, “metal processed parts”

We are focusing on delivery as.

Based on technical collaboration with processing cooperating companies, we are able to handle total from material procurement to scrap purchase,

As we are trading company,

We are supplies metallic materials, not only aims to strengthen the sales division, but also has a department that conducts business related to regulated chemical substances that needs increasing in recent years.

Regarding requests for investigation on regulated chemical substances specified by RoHS Directive, ELV Directive, SVHC (Highly Concerned Substance) under REACH Regulations, etc. for metal materials certificate
We conduct interviews with suppliers and subcontractors, and issue non-containing certificates (non-use guarantee) etc. We also prepare the analysis data necessary for evidence.

When delivering from materials through multiple processes, we avaliable to respond various requests, such as collectively providing the required documents and submitting necessary documents


Slitters of surface-treated materials such as brass, pure nickel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, amorphous and other special metals, plating, cladding, vinyl tension etc. are possible.


Plating method
Hoop plating, full surface (double-sided, single-sided) plating, striped plating, spot plating, differential thickness plating, barrel plating, vapor deposition plating etc.

Plating type
Sn reflow, Sn, Au, Ag, Ni, palladium, Cu, rhodium, chromium … various, HOTDIP, alumite, plating on.


Progressive · Single press, Precision press, Precision bending process, Squeezing process, Crushing process, Precision coining process, Link motion press, Mg process, Pressing of cut product etc.

Resin molding

Insert molding, injection molding, compression molding, injection blow molding, inflation molding, RIM.

Multi Forming

Punching, bending, complex shape bending, wire processing, welding, assembly, caulking, composite material combination.


Die Casting, Lost Wax, MIM.


MC, NC, Milling machine, Lathe, Drilling machine, Laser machining, Wire electric discharge machining.


Photo etching, photo blasting, photomask, circuit board, lead frame, winding processing, edgewise.