Since 1966

Has your scrap been evaluated and purchased correctly?
Does it lead to cost reduction of manufacturing?

In Toyo Success, many years of analysis know-how on metal scraps, We will utilize highly accurate analytical equipment that supports it and buy it at a reasonable price.Please do not hesitate to request a scrap specialist.


We are not only the supply of metal materials, but also selection of various processing methods such as plating and pressing, process control, “metal processed parts”

We are able to handle total from material procurement to scrap purchase.

We conduct interviews with suppliers and subcontractors, and issue non-containing certificates (non-use guarantee) etc.

We available to respond various requests, such as collectively providing the required documents and submitting necessary documents.

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Our Products

As we are a specialist in the selection of metallic materials, We always stand from the customer’s point of view and make optimum proposals from product specifications and applications. We will make the selection of new materials that utilize expert knowledge.

Metal material



Others Material and Service

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